While state one-calls (811) only mark and locate public utilities, Utility Locators, LLC provides a wide range of utility location services for private and public entities. Even if you perform an 811 call it is not a guarantee that all your underground utilities will be marked, only the natural gas industry is required by law to be listed on the 811 call. Other public utilities are voluntary, meaning they may have utilities in your area but they do not have the manpower to have a certified locator come out and mark them for you.
Utility Locators wishes to be the solution to this situation for both the public and private sector. Our services provides utility detection for entities such as:

  • Electrical wires
  • Water lines
  • Gas pipes
  • Storm & Sanitary Sewers
  • Fiber Optics
  • Telephone Wires
  • Buried Tanks
  • Grave Sites
  • Buried Structures

Advanced Utility Location Technology

To ensure that our clients receive the most accurate and orderly utility location services, our team of experts uses the best technology available. Utility Locators, LLC employs ground penetrating radar (GPR), radio frequency technology, and other applications designed to

accurately pinpoint and detect the utilities underground. Once located, we have the ability to map the utilities in both a 2D and 3D model for a more permanent product. This service is ideal for any infrastructure, giving them the ability to plan for future growth and repair.
Like all technology, utility locating does have its limitations. The only true locate is some form of excavation to physically see the material in question and it’s true depth. Using radio frequency detection requires a conductive material, i.e. metal, being in a best case scenario a tracer wire. Using radar scanning techniques requires subservice material that will not absorb the radar signal and will allow it to pass through it, i.e. soil type, being in a best case scenario a sandy soil type. Please see the map – GPR U.S. Soil Suitability Map – to see an illustration of the variation of soil types and their effect on GPR technology.
The Tennessee One—Call system is not mandatory for utility companies, so choose the utility location company that is at your service—Utility Locators, LLC.
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